1. Established in 1984 - well recognised and respected within the publishing industry.

  2. One of the most comprehensive client lists in the business.

  3. Launched thousands of careers in publishing.

  4. Has two training centres in Central London – Kensington and Notting Hill Gate (20,000 sq ft).

  5. Places significant emphasis on traditional skills – grammar, context, style, consistency, accuracy and spelling with a contemporary and practical content and delivery.

  6. LSP is renowned for emphasis on traditional skills juxtaposed with digital, e-publishing skills.

  7. Has a highly experienced group of trainers who are professionally employed in the skills they teach and work within the publishing industry.

  8. Highly popular and successful editorial, proofing, copy-editing, writing, picture researching, and digital courses for books, magazine and newspaper industry.

  9. Exam and assessment based certificates that are well respected within publishing firms as an indicator and benchmark of competence.

  10. One of the few institutions that teaches an industry recognised Picture Research course.