About LSP: The London School of Publishing

The London School of Publishing (LSP) has been training delegates since 1984 and has established an excellent reputation for delivering skill-based courses for individuals as well as the tailor made corporate training courses. We offer a range of training that suits the needs of our delegates, whether it be day or evening training.

Our purpose is to provide delegates with a dynamic and practical training experience, reflecting key trends in publishing, such as e-books, self-publishing and developments in "agile" publishing.

Our recent expansion of courses and competencies reflects a change in direction, taking a broader view of publishing and training, and recognising that at the heart of all forms of publishing and self-expression was creativity. LSP's mission, therefore, was clear - to stimulate the creative capabilities and to ensure our courses provide invigorating and beneficial content to our delegates. 

LSP undertook a strategic review to focus on five areas:

  1. Editing: book editing, sub-editing, copy-editing
  2. Digital: social media, Adobe, e-publishing, writing for the Web
  3. Visual: picture research, infographics, art history
  4. Literature: creative writing, poetry, the novella
  5. Presenting: presenting skills, corporate presentations

The pace of technological change is altering how we publish and communicate. Whether one is involved in traditional publishing, producing content for social media, writing a feature, a poem or developing an engaging infographic - the critical distinctive ingredient for success is creativity. Creativity remains a key defining capability.

In addition, outside of developments in traditional and digital publishing, LSP also aims to improve peoples' understanding and access to the Fine Arts, Music and Literature in an attempt to introduce to them for the first time these fascinating areas of creative expression or to re-kindle interests.

Located in Notting Hill Gate and Kensington, LSP has an ideal central London location to deliver its courses. LSP courses are CPD approved, facilitating employment and promotion.