Suitability for Courses

01. Who are the LSP courses aimed at and what specifically will they train me in?

02. What is the average age of delegates taking a course?

03. How much work and commitment is involved – and will I be able to cope with being in a full-time job?

04. I am an overseas student – will the courses be suitable for me and will my qualifications be recognised?

Required Qualifications/Experience

05. Do I need a degree in a particular discipline?

06. Do I need to be a graduate in order to enrol on a course?

07. Do I need to have any previous experience in publishing in order to enrol on a course?

Career Progression

08. What are the advantages of my attending the LSP courses rather than those of other course providers?

09. What are the career outcomes once I have completed a course?

10. Is there any help given to course delegates in order to find a position within publishing?

11. How well recognised are the courses within the industry?

Booking and Payment

12. How can I arrange my payment?

13. Is there any government funding for the fees available?

14. How do I book a place on a LSP course?

Course Assessment

15. What is the nature of the assessments within the courses?

16. What happens if I fail an examination?