LSP is a member of the CPD Certification Service, and we are proud to say that our courses have been CPD approved as recognition of continuous learning and development. 

CPD Points and Hours

There are approximately 470 professional Institutes, societies and bodies within the UK operating across all industry sectors. To ensure knowledge and skill development for their profession or industry, each Institute has a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) policy in place that its individual members must undertake as a condition of membership.

It is the responsibility of the individual to be aware of their institute’s CPD requirements and to understand how their CPD portfolio should be maintained. Institutes expect their individual members to record and submit their training in accordance with the CPD scheme.

The majority of institutes have an ‘inputs’ based CPD scheme, where individual members are provided CPD ‘targets’ generally on an annual basis. These targets are defined by the accrual of CPD points, hours or credits. There is no common policy between the institutes’ as to how many points or hours should be achieved, what the targets cover (in terms of subject matter) or how they can be allocated.

Individuals taking a CPD recognised course can assess the value they obtained from the training and allocate credits. A general guide would be to take the number of training hours and convert those to individual credits and then add additional credits that were obtained through additional time during self-study and completion of assessments. For example 8 hours training time = 8 credits, 7 hours self-study = 7 credits plus 10 hours working on assessments = 10 credits makes a total of 25 credits obtained. 

The majority of institutions allow their members to choose subjects of relevance to them as individual learners, although others may also require their members to seek CPD on a range of core subjects.


LSP is also a member of British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies (BAPLA), and we are proud to say that our Picture Research courses have been BAPLA as well as CPD approved. 

BAPLA  Affiliations:

BAPLA also works closely with its sister organisations:

CEPIC  in Europe

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    French National Association Of General Illustration Photographic Agencies
    Spanish Photography Association
    Swedish Picture Suppliers Association
  • www.blf.se


  in the USA

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