Effective grammar and Punctuation


Next Online Course Starts: Thursday May 16, 2024

Price: £379 + VAT

Duration: 1 day

Schedule: 10.30am - 3.30pm (30 min lunch break)

Award: Certificate

Next In-Person Course Starts: Thursday May 30, 2024

Price: £379 + VAT

Duration: 1 Day

Location: LSP

Award: Certificate

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Effective, clear, precise and concise written communication is important for your business. Good grammar and punctuation showcase your organisation in the best light and avoids miscommunication and confusion. Making the right impression on your clients is important in positioning your brand as credible and trustworthy. 

The Effective Grammar and Punctuation course will help you enhance your writing, avoid making common mistakes and brush up on tricky and ambiguous areas.

The delivery of the training is practical, fun and hands-on, with lots of discussions and exercises that are applicable and specific to business writing and communications.

Learn how to develop your writing style to get the most out of your content for online publications and websites.




You will explore:

  • Structure sentences correctly
  • The rules of grammar
  • Using different tenses
  • Apostrophes and plurals
  • Avoid punctuation mistakes





1. Essential rules of grammar and punctuation

Subjects and objects
Nouns and pronouns
Verbs, adverbs and adjectives
Subject and verb agreement
Using different conjunctions
Apostrophes and plurals
Common punctuation mistakes

2. Sentences and paragraphs

Structuring concise sentences
Phrases and clauses
Linking ideas

3. Tenses

Correct use of tense
The passive and active tenses 

4. Tips and tricks

Avoiding tricky grammatical mistakes
Commonly confused and misused words





Standards checks

The final proof of the online copy



Delegates will tackle hands-on exercises at the end of each section to cement their learning, and personal achievement will be assessed throughout the day.

Award & Recognition

On successful completion of a course, delegates are awarded a certificate to demonstrate completing and passing an examination or producing a successful assessment.

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