Notting Hill Poetry Centre


The purpose of the Notting Hill Poetry Centre is to provide participants with an opportunity to discover (or rediscover) poetry and its techniques for aesthetic pleasure. The Centre was established with educational and cultural interests in mind. Educational elements include courses, seminars, and masterclasses. Cultural aspects of the Centre include poetry readings and discovering different genres and forms of poetry.

The Centre will provide courses in poetry and run seminars on poetics, provide masterclasses and invite poets to give readings of their works. The Centre is not about publishing poetry for commercial gain per se, but will happily guide and encourage those who wish to secure publishers through its courses.

The Centre and its courses are aimed at those who have always had an interest in poetry, but may have not taken this interest further, or those who enjoy reading poetry and would like to be able to learn more about its context, possibilities and meaning. Equally welcome are those who never had an interest in poetry, and now, for whatever reason, have decided to explore this form of literature and benefit from the immense aesthetic and intellectual rewards it can bring. The Centre also aims to encourage the writing of poetry so that works may be published for the benefit of others.

The drive behind the Notting Hill Poetry Centre is based on three key convictions:

  1. That in an increasingly secular, fragmented society, people often seek opportunities to reconnect with their emotions and nature, with poetry acting as an antidote to the pressures and superficiality of materialism
  2. That poetry is not just a rarefied middle-class indulgence, but a universal and timeless expression of human emotion, whose craft should be enjoyed and understood by a wider audience, and its meaning and techniques demystified
  3. That as a fine art form, which predates literacy, poetry is a key literary vehicle that helps build resilience in the human spirit, providing intellectual, emotional and empathetic benefits that bring communities together


The Notting Hill Poetry Centre was established with five objectives in mind:

  1. Help reposition poetry as a form of universal cultural expression that should be enjoyed by all
  2. Encourage people to discover (and rediscover) the joys of poetry and to demystify the art form through a better understanding of its figurative language and literary techniques
  3. Re-kindle interest in expressing emotions, questioning meaning, and rediscovering the aesthetic
  4. Encourage people to discover a wide range of poetry and style, and in so doing, experience the range of expressions from the earliest poems to modern forms
  5. While highlighting the great quality of poets of English verse, the Notting Hill Centre for Poetry also seeks to highlight the pleasures of poetry from the Middle East, the Americas, Africa, Eurasia and Asia, reaffirming its universal role as a form of cultural expression