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Picture Research (2 Day) —

Thursday 20th December 2018. BOOK NOW

Copy Editing

Friday 30th November 2018 - BOOK NOW

Writing for Professionals

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DATE: 22/11/2018

PRICE: £420 + VAT

Adobe Photoshop

DATE: 22/11/2018

PRICE: £435 + VAT

Picture Research

DATE: 22/11/2018

PRICE: £530 + VAT

Writing for Professionals

DATE: 23/11/2018

PRICE: £420 + VAT

Adobe Illustrator

DATE: 29/11/2018

PRICE: £435 + VAT

Copy Editing

DATE: 30/11/2018

PRICE: 420 + VAT

Adobe InDesign

DATE: 3/12/2018

PRICE: £435 + VAT

Book Editing

DATE: 6/02/2019

DURATION: 10 Weeks
PRICE: £530 + VAT


The London School of Publishing (LSP) has been training individuals, as well as corporates, since 1983. LSP has established a reputation for delivering skill-based courses within the UK and internationally.

We deliver courses in Book Editing, Sub-Editing, Proofreading, Copy Editing, Picture Research, Writing for Professionals, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Blogging and Writing for the web.

Our purpose is to provide course participants with a dynamic training experience, reflecting key trends and developments in publishing, such as e-books and self-publishing, and in proofreading.


LSP courses are approved and recognised by CPD.

LSP is a Member of the British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies (BAPLA). CPD LogoCPD Logo

“The course was engaging and informative and taught by a trainer with a passion for the subject and a wealth of knowledge.”


Sarah Davis, January 2016 (Sub-Editing)

“The course was well-structured and vigorous and the tutor had a vast knowledge of the subject, informed by decades of experience in journalism and publishing. The pace of the study made the course ideal for newcomers to publishing and those with prior experience. The teaching and course material was enthusiastic and up-to-date and I found it to be an excellent introduction to the subject. Several contacts within the publishing industry have said how refreshing it is to find someone who has taken the time to go on a course of this nature.”


Simon Turner, March 2016 (Book Editing)

“This course was really interesting. I learned a lot about book editing and now I feel ready to do the job. Course well prepared, relevant exercises, and a clever and really interesting teacher Thank you.”


Marianne Laborie, March 2016 (Book Editing)

“I really enjoyed this course. I learned a lot about what is expected of me if I were to become a copy editor and proof-reader and it made me sure that I want to pursue editing as a career. I benefited from a teacher who had a lot of knowledge about the industry and was provided with lots of practice proofs.”


Rochelle Roberts, July 2016 (Book Editing)

“I found the course useful as it covered all aspects in detail and there were many aspects of book editing that I had not looked at in-depth before that the course provided.”


Tessa Brummitt, Copy Editor for Law Business Research, July 2016 (Book Editing)

“I am very happy with the course and feel confident applying my developed skills and knowledge as an editor.”


Tia Begum, Editor for Oberon Books, April 2016 (Book Editing)

“I enjoy coming to LSP. Staff are friendly and down-to-earth. The courses I’ve taken there have been comprehensive and interesting. I feel they’ve been good value-for-money.”


Neil McNab, April 2016 (Book Editing)

“Great course, informative, well managed and taught. Got away many trips about current trends and job opportunities or possible career development.”


Priscilla Granozio, Freelancer, October 2016 (Picture Research 2 Day)

“A great course, that covers the picture research and picture editing subject and industry. In great detail. The course compliments my Arts Degrees and work experience enabling me to specialise in the subject with very specific direction and sources.”


Kate Ormrod, freelance Creative Producer, October 2016 (Picture Research 2 Day)

“It has been a very practical insight into the industry.”


Maria de la Iglesia, Freelance Photographer, October 2016 (Picture Research 2 Day)

“The staff and teacher are extremely knowledgeable, open and helpful with teaching and information. As a novice to the business it was an interesting and insightful in all areas. It will be beneficial and open doors for me.”


Victoria Kirby, Freelance Photographer, October 2016 (Picture Research 2 Day)

“A very informative course, an excellent refresher.”


Katy Aziz, February 2016 (Picture Research 2 Day)

“The course was really useful in refreshing my knowledge of picture researching. The tutor was very knowledgeable and great to learn from.”


Bob Martin, Photography and Film Manager with High Speed 2 Ltd., February 2016 (Picture Research 2 Day)

“This has been really beneficial to me as I am still quite new to the industry. It is very relevant to my work and I can see the information I have learnt helping me significantly in my career progression.”


Emily Pain, Photography Executive with High Speed 2 Ltd., February 2016 (Picture Research 2 Day)

“I have found the course very engaging and insightful. Alistair has been very knowledgeable and patient and the knowledge I have gained will help me in my new role as junior Editor!”


Catherine Rowell, Junior Editor, June 2016 (Picture Research 2 Day)

“I enjoyed my day, found it productive and interesting. I feel that I have come out with what I had hoped for.”


Kirsti Weir, Communications and Project Manager with Fabric Life Limited, June 2016 (Picture Research 2 Day)

“In preparation for a new role, this course has perfectly covered the areas of cop-editing I was unsure of. For anyone writing, proofing or editing copy, this is a brilliant introduction to industry standards.”


Ben Welling, Press and Digital Media Officer with Into Film, April 2016 (Picture Research 2 Day)

“A really informative course that covers many topics. Plenty of opportunities to reflect on the learning and put it into action. Very hospitable staff who were warm and welcoming. The training will undoubtedly benefit the quality of my editing and hopefully further my career.”


Lamara McBride, April 2016 (Picture Research 2 Day)

“Very helpful and interesting”


Harriet Dobson, February 2016 (Picture Research 2 Day)

“A really interesting course. Great to have a teacher with so much experience in the industry”


Katie Mitchell - Picture Editor - Comic Relief

"The team were really pleased with the training Octavia provided and in particular liked the fact that the Picture Research course was very interactive."


Diane Jones - Permissions Manager - Cambridge University Press

“A really informative course that covers many topics. Plenty of opportunities to reflect on the learning and put it into action. Very hospitable staff who were warm and welcoming. The training will undoubtedly benefit the quality of my editing and hopefully further my career.”


Lamara McBride

“In preparation for a new role this course has perfectly covered the areas of copy editing that I was unsure of. For anyone within proofing or editing copy this is a brilliant introduction to industry standards.”


Ben Welling

“I very much enjoyed the class and the insight it gave me into a fascinating hidden industry!”


Ellin Grassick - Lead Visual Designer - Soundbitelearning UK Ltd

"I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the course and am satisfied that the knowledge I have gained will be benificial in my current role and for my future prospects."


Marie-Claire Barnes, Producer / Picture Researcher, Immersive Education, Oxford

"The London School of Publishing's unique Picture Research course has provided me with insight, background knowledge and an understanding of the legal background I need to pursue a career in this field."


Caroline Morley, Picture Researcher, The Wellcome Trust

“A very good course. It answered a lot of my questions and has given me a solid background to the industry”


Lucy Constable - Publishing Assistant - Garnet Education

"Good practical advice and constructive feedback. I found the Feature Writing course extremely helpful and inspiring."


Laura Grigg - Junior Web Editor - Age UK

"I would like to thank you for a constructive Feature, Corporate and Press Release Writing [now Feature Writing] course and valuable transfer of knowledge to all of us."


Željka Bassanese, HEMPEL Coatings Ltd, Marketing Communication Manager

"I have recently employed one of Marianne Gray's writing students as senior sales executive and from the first press release she wrote for us, she immediately gave the company a great new spin."


Gaynor Churchward, Managing Director, English Home

“An excellent course that covered practical aspects of Picture Research. Taught by a very knowledgable tutor”


Martina Salvi - Freelance Picture Researcher

“I have really appreciated the course today; we covered a lot of ground and my knowledge has really increased. I feel enthusiastic and well-equipped.”


Rachel Foley - Administrator, St Andrews the Great Church

“Great day covering all the basics confirming where I already knew and also adding lots of less well-known aspects of spelling, punctuation and grammar, I would strongly recommend this course to anyone starting off in an editorial career – it’ll give you more confidence in your work.”


Ru Merritt - Editorial Assistant, Aurum Press

“A really useful course which goes over common mistakes made, tips and tricks of grammar/clichés etc. whilst editing and what to look for. It was really helpful to go over areas of language I might not have learnt about since childhood. The course refreshed my mind and gave me the confidence to know what I’m doing correctly in my work.”


Rebecca Hume - Communications Manager, University of Birmingham

“Alistair Dabbs is a great trainer – he kept the class engaged and interested in what was being discussed. I felt his delivery was very clear and insightful – and it kept things current and interesting! I have picked some good techniques from today. My only thing would be that the day went by so quickly meaning we couldn’t go into detail on some subjects as much as I would have liked, which was a shame. But overall, a really great day.”


Danielle Ball - Senior Editorial Officer, Care Quality Commissioning

“The Copy-Editing training at LSP was fantastic. Susan was a great, knowledgeable and engaging trainer with useful hints and tips. I would highly recommend.”

Poppy Crispin (University of Westminster — Head of Communications, June 2018)

“The Copy-Editing course gave a really solid overview of how to identify errors and improve copy in many ways, which will be very useful in my career”

Chloe Knight (1000Heads — Senior Social Executive, June 2018)

“The training was very useful, I learnt many tips on copy editing and I now feel more confident with the prospect of proofreading a piece. The tutor was very interesting, patient and competent. I would definitely recommend this course”

Laurene Gymere (University of Westminster — PR Officer, June 2018)